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About | Liz Yingst

I have spent over 10 years working as a buyer in the luxury fashion industry in New York City. My experience includes working for brands such as: Ralph Lauren, Kate Spade and Valentino. During that decade, I developed an elevated eye for what works and what styles are appropriate for different occasions, seasons, and body types. After taking a pause to start a family, I created LY STYLES to continue my hunt for fashion and to bring my love of clothing to a new audience -- you!

About | Style + Fashion Philosophy

I love combining high and low fashion brands. I believe in investment in fashion -- buying long-lasting pieces that will be worth their dollar value. But, I also believe in fun fashion -- buying trendy pieces from "fast fashion" brands where you to get the use for the moment, but maybe not the next season.

I am thoughtful and organized with my purchasing habits. I shop intelligently and encourage a classic style coupled with comfortable risk-taking. I use an individualized approach with each client because style is also very personal and unique. Fashion isn't about trying too hard; it is the easiest form of self-expression.